This fall


This book of ours, this red canoe times two, this boat of blades, this heart of spades, this/ smiling door, this body breaking on her shore, this drive in darkness, this railway station’s/ sharp elation, this waiting platform, this new form, this dissipating this weight, this pain, this/ walk of thinking, this shrinking sinking, this rising singing, this piping skirl, this girl, this/ mother son, this father boy, this brother child, this baby toy, this ancient love, this daughter/ joy, this island stock, this kiss, this kirk, this lock, this vow, this now, this stand, this shock,/ this stronglonghold, this fire escape, this leap from cold, this stake, this shake of leaf, this/ lighted lake, this look, this eye, I, aye, oh yes, oui, we, this us, this us, this is this this.

© Gavin Barrett.

Image: calligraphy by poet-calligrapher H Masud Taj. Photograph by Gavin Barrett.