Whose line is it anyway?

Whose line is it anyway? Intellectual Property and the Hijacking of Culture.

A lecture at The Monarch Institute, Monarch Park Collegiate, 2005.

I woke up this morning, hoovered down my breakfast, dabbed my beard daintily with a kleenex, and flipped through the yellow pages looking for places to xerox this piece of paper.

Disaster struck in the form of a paper cut.

Rather than rush to Emergency, I stuck a band-aid on the finger and carried on courageously.

This was brought to an abrupt halt by a rude reminder from my wife to call the rotor rooter guy to fix the plumbing in the upstairs bathroom

Then, a client called to find out if I had fedexed him a package like I said I would. I said I would.

I put the phone down and took a quick polaroid of my neighbour’s cat taking a dump in my yard, thus putting to bed an old score.

By the time it was 10 am, I had infringed at least nine trademarks, three service marks, 4 copyrights, and possibly, abused one patent if you count the way I wrapped the rotor rooter round the rotor rooter guy’s neck after he presented us his bill… [Click here to read the rest of this piece on Medium]