low angle photo of Gavin Barrett framed against ornate ceiling of a medieval Cairo mosque.
Gavin Barrett appears here, in Egypt, January 2019.

Gavin speaks frequently (and some say too much) at a variety of academic, literary and commercial venues and events.

Upcoming events

Upcoming: Reading at 100,000 Poets for Change event, organized by Archna Sawhney. October 2020.

Upcoming: Cultural Pluralism in the Arts Movement Ontario (CPAMO) hosts a panel discussion on how indigenous, black, people of colour and other marginalized writers are faring in terms of financial risk and in terms of getting access to publishing, readings and audiences during COVID-19. October 15, 1-4 pm.

Upcoming: Zoom Poetry event featuring Sheniz Janmohammed, Leslie Roach and Gavin Barrett in a conversation about poetry and being a poet in Canada, hosted by Mawenzi House. 6 pm, September 30, 2020.

Upcoming: host at the Art Bar Poetry Café, September 29, 2020.

Upcoming: IG Live Fireside Chat with Rise Agency founder Sarah Kiriliuk about the University of Alberta’s Indigenous Canada Course (MOOC). Wednesday, September 23, 2020, at 1:00 pm EST.


Featured writer on Canadian Authors—Toronto’s Words with Writers Podcast. (Episode Four: Gavin Barrett, August 2020)

Featured writer with Lee Parpart, Danny Ramadan, June Rogers and Chris Gorman on Canadian Authors—Toronto’s Words with Writers Podcast. (Episode Three: Painting a picture with words, July 2020)

Host at the Art Bar Poetry Café (Online), July 2020.

Featured reader at Draft Reading Series, with adebe d.a., David Silverberg and Paul Vermeersch. Draft 15.6, May 2020.

Host at the Art Bar Poetry Café, February 2020

Gavin Barrett onstage at the Tranzac Club
Gavin Barrett features at Shab-e She’r. Photo by Moji.

Featured reader at the Art Bar Poetry Series, with Tyler Pennock and Veronique Kanor  – May 2019

Featured reader at Shab-e She’r with Erin Kang and Swarn Lata, November 2018

Open mic reader at the Shab-e She’r open mic, October 2018.


Canadian Authors Association podcast: Featured writer on Canadian Authors Association—Toronto Words with Writers Podcast. (Episode Four: Gavin Barrett, August 2020).

CBC/Radio Canada: Interview on tokenism and multicultural marketing on The Link with Marc Montgomery. 2010.

Toronto 411 Daily: Interview with Rea Kelly: TO411 special features writer Rea Kelly discusses the Barrett and Welsh New Canadian Mainstream business model with founder Gavin Barrett. November 2009.

Lectures, panels, other speaking engagements

Panel Speaker: Beyond the Business Case for Diversity. Convenor: Al Ramsay. Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University. April 2019.

Panel Speaker: The experiences of an immigrant of colour in Canadian communications. Centennial College. 2018  

Lecture: The Art of the Brief to the Strategic Marketing Communications class taught by Ishan Ghosh at Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto. 2015.

Presenter: (with Mike Welsh) at Ethnic15, the 2015 Marketing Magazine and Canadian Grocer Ethnic Consumer Conference. 2015.

Lecture (with Russell Barrett): the Zeitgeist Conference. St. Xavier’s College Mumbai. Two Barretts for the price of one (which is free) speak at their alma mater in Bombay. December 2014.

Presenter: #BloodyGreatIdeas: the world’s best multicultural advertising. Marketing Magazine, Multicultural Conference. 2011

Lecture: Place Branding to the MBA marketing classes taught by Ashley Konson at Schulich School of Business/York University. 2013.

Lecture: Change-Making though Communication to the Master of Public Health Class taught by Michael Goodstadt at the University of Toronto. 2012.

Lecture: The Creative Process, Bachelor of Mass Media class taught by Perri Subramaniam at St Xavier’s College Mumbai. December 2012.

Panel speaker: Why poor quality multicultural advertising is unacceptable. Marketing Magazine, Multicultural Conference. 2011.

Lecture: Advertising Creative and The Creative Process at the University of Toronto. 2010.

Lecture: How to not be a racist: 10 Rules at The Monarch Institute a think thank initiative led by Martin Aller-stead at Monarch Park Collegiate, 2006.

Lecture: Intellectual Property and the Hijacking of Culture at The Monarch Institute a think thank initiative led by Martin Aller-stead at Monarch Park Collegiate, 2005.